InControl Engineering provides innovative equipment and process control solutions for the chemical, semiconductor and solar industries.
Your business presents many unique engineering challenges that we can solve using our modern and innovative suite of automation and control solutions. By partnering with us, your organization will immediately benefit from our in-depth knowledge of model based control and optimization technologies. Our solutions will transform your equipment weaknesses into strengths and at the same time improve your market competitiveness and bottom line.

InControl Engineering specializes in the design and integration of

•  Real-time embedded control systems
•  Equipment health monitoring systems
•  Run-to-run process controllers

Our solutions will optimize your equipment performance resulting in measurable improvements to your process uniformity, repeatability, throughput, capacity and yield. Furthermore, you will achieve higher equipment availability by minimizing in-process failures and maintenance downtime.

InControl Engineering will provide you with cost effective state-of-the-art solutions, reduce your development cycle time and accelerate your time to market. Using our services will require less engineering resources for the design and development of your equipment control systems.

"Dr. Tsakalis' unique methods of computing uncertainty from data have resulted in a quantum change in the way our business approaches control problems. This technology has resulted in a 10 million dollar business for Honeywell."

Dr. Sachi Dash and
Dr. J. Ward MacArthur


"I am amazed that even with such a highly sophisticated and complex technology, once embedded it was easy to use, reliable and provided a real improvement in the quality of the control. Even more astonishing was the fact we did not have to train the customer to tune our control loop since it was already fully optimized for the system and never required maintenance."

Jean Benoit Hugues


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